3 Ways To Overcome Glossophobia For Your Group Presentation At University

For some, there’s nothing worse than hearing those dreaded words from your tutor. ‘I would like you to prepare and deliver a presentation’. Even more so if you suffer from Glossophobia. The phrase Glossophobia is a form of social anxiety disorder and relates to the fear of speaking in public. It can affect anyone and can relate to any type of public speaking, whether you have to speak to a small group or a large audience.

Overcoming your fear is important because public speaking may be a part of your occupation once you leave university and you don’t want to let a fear hold you back.

If you do suffer from Glossophobia, here are some top tips and strategies to help you overcome your anxiety and deliver a presentation with poise, professionalism and confidence:

  1. Visual Aids

Confidence is key when delivering a presentation. If your anxiety is about forgetting your words or losing track, you can use visual aids to help you. A slide show on PowerPoint for example can add more interest to your presentation and give the audience something to focus on, other than you! Check to make sure the classroom or lecture hall where the presentation is to be delivered has the facility to display PowerPoint presentations. Using visual aids not only keeps you on track but it can give structure to your presentation so you are not worrying about what to say next. It can help to write and memorise a brief script so you are not reading directly from the slides.

  1. The Audience

Another great tip is to try and remove the emphasis on what you are thinking or how you are feeling and focus instead on your audience. When most people think about a presentation or speech, things such as ‘what if I mess up’ or ‘what if I forget what to say’ run through their head. Move the focus to the audience and take a different approach, instead thinking about what the audience needs to know or how you can help the audience understand the topic more effectively. Sometimes just a slight change in your thought pattern can remove any anxieties that you have about the presentation and make a huge difference.

  1. Preparation

Good preparation will help you approach your speech with greater confidence. A presentation will rarely be on a topic that you know nothing about. Approach it in the same way as you prepare for other academic work such as coursework writing. Do your research, write a draft and polish it. When you know the material inside and out, you will feel more confident about what you are saying.

Glossophobia is something that you can overcome. It just requires a proactive approach and a little change in your thought patterns. If you struggle to put together a good presentation, you can use an assignment writing service that can guide you through the process and provide suitable guidance for your academic presentation.


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