5 Masala Rice Recipes to fall in Love with from Southern India

When it comes to India, rice is one of the staple diets and wheat (wheat flour) being the other. Most of the Indians, consume both rice and wheat because rices and rotis are something which no one can live without. Because of this very reason, there are so many different rices dishes in a country of 29 states.

Almost every other state has a different rice recipes and is famous for it. And when I am talking about specialties I do not mean plain steam rice recipes but masala rices preparations. Steamed rice is common for all. But, these rice recipes are flavoured with different spices which give out various different flavours.

So, in today’s article, we are going to see different recipes of how to make masala rice. But before we do that, let me tell you that today we will try to focus majorly on the recipes that are famous in south India because of the wide demographic spread of our country.

  1. Pulliogare– This can also be referred to as tamarind rice recipes. The taste of this rice recipes differs when compared to Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka or Tamil Nadu. But, it is very commonly and fondly consumed in these states. It has a strong hint of tamarind and various other spices. One would find mustard seeds, curry leaves and peanuts in this preparation too.
  2. Bisibele baath– This is also commonly known as sambhar rice recipes and is a very common lunch for the people of southern India. One could get the taste of desi ghee which is often used in abundance. Apart from thatm there is a mixture of various spices that gives it a slightly spicy taste. It is often served with boondi and gives the dish a very colourful and appealing look.
  3. Lemon rice– this is one of my personal favourite and the reason is it less spicy than the others and has a lemony taste that teases your taste buds. Also, peanuts and urad dal are used in abundance that makes the dish very nutty.
  4. Vaangi baath-This is also known better by the name of brinjal rice. The recipe uses brinjal in an abundance which makes the rice very filling and stomach satisfying. It is a very common item for the wedding receptions and other occasions. It is rich in spices and is absolutely loved by anyone who eats it. These days easy to make mixes are available in super markets, so one can easily prepare it.
  5. Curd rice– Last but not the least, curd rice has to be on our list. This is one of the most preferred summer dishes from the south. You may have noticed that most of the other recipes are filled with spices and abundance of ghee. Well that nay upset one’s stomach during the summers. Curd rice helps in soothing your tummy as it uses curd in abundance. But even this has a lovely tangy flavour because of the curd. Also, there is urad dal and peanuts that gives a lovely nutty taste to the rice.

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