7 Ways to Extend the Battery Life of Your iPad

As the iPad become the essential part of our life the usage of iPad in every field of life is increasing day by day. Now almost every business organizations are using the iPad applications for their business. In this article we discuss some tips which are very helpful to increase the battery life. Normally the latest iPad boast battery life is up to 10 hours on a full charge that is the main reason the popularity of the iPad is increasing in business organization due to its battery life and they prefer the iPad on other devices due to its battery life. But if you have an older iPad it may run out more quickly than the new one.

Here we discuss some things which are help full to increase the battery life of the iPad.

  1. Check the brightness of the iPad

It is a common thing that the brighter the display of your iPad, the more power it is using. Set your iPad on Auto-Brightness which tells your iPad to increase or decrease brightness according to the level of ambient light.

  1. Turn off unnecessary extras

There are few whistles and cells are continuously on your iPad that you never need to use and these are contributing to battery life drain like Bluetooth which is use to communicate with other devices to share the data. Location Services are also continuously using the battery which are using to add location tags to pictures and also use for maps. These types of apps are power hungry so switch off these apps when they are not in use.

  1. Update your iPad

According to the Apple keeping your iPad up to date with the latest operating system result to enhance the battery life of your iPad. This will also disturb the battery life of your iPad. If you do not your iPad with the latest operating system then it is automatically slow down day by day and also decrease his efficiency.

  1. Limit notifications

A lot of the apps on your iPad like to be continuously updated and they’ll also give you regular messages, such as news alerts or friends’ Facebook status updates, unless you tell them not to. Again, these notifications shorten your battery life.

You can also boundary which apps provide consistent notifications the little bubbles that pop up in the middle or at the top of your screen.

  1. Turn off Wi-Fi and cellular data

Your iPad drains battery power when searching for and trying to connect to the nearest Wi-Fi or cellular network tower, so if you’re not planning on using Safari or other apps that need these features, run off the Wi-Fi and cellular data in this way you can also save the battery and increase thee iPad battery life.

  1. Keep your iPad away from temperature extremes

Extremely high or low temperatures can cause the battery life to decrease. Keep the iPad temperature between 32ºF and 95ºF.And one thing more be aware of using the iPad case while the charge ng this will also increase the temperature of iPad and cause to damage the battery life.

  1. Quick trigger for Auto-Lock

An idle iPad also run down your battery? So with the help of Auto-Lock, your iPad will automatically shut down after it has been inactive for a period of time. And it’s up to you can set it as short as 2 minutes and increase the battery life of your iPad. These are the simple ways which will play an important role to increase the life time of battery of iPad.

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