How allogeneic transplantation is done?

There is a certain form of bone transplantation and it is known as the allogeneic stem cell transplantation. Here the stem cell is transferred from a donor or a healthy body to the patient’s body,

There are some best allogeneic bone marrow transplant centres in India where the patient is taken care of entirely during the procedure and even after that. Now the question is why this transplantation is needed? This is mainly done to cure some patients who are at a high risk of relapse and are not responding fully to the treatment.

No wonder, this is a very critical and high risk procedure. In fact, the patient who is undergoing this transplant also has some high risks and side effects. They also have to face some high dose radiations and chemotherapy before the go for this transplantation.

This transplantation actually treats the cancer cells very intensively and enable the donor cells to travel to the marrow which in turn will produce blood cells and try to make the body more immune and strong which they already lack due to the disease.

But there are some possible adverse effects that can happen. In this case of transplantation, not only the donor’s blood system gets transferred but their immune system also gets transferred. That is why; the adverse effects are recorded.

This allogeneic cell transplantation is mainly done to elderly people who do not have a very strong health condition. Here the pre transplant condition does not work very well on the patients as they have poor condition of their body organs. But reduced allogeneic stem cell transplantation may work on their body and give them some relief.

But before that stem cell selection is a very vital process. This is completely another technique where studies and clinical trials are done before one finalises into a specific donor. This is because there are some particular features on the outer coat of stem cells which has to match. That is why; finding a donor for a stem cell transplantation is not a very easy task.

If one needs a donor from outside then first has to look among their siblings who can have the same tissue as you have. This has a high chance because you and your sibling have the same set of parents and genes. When the tissue is collected, the lab technician examines those sample tissues and if they find them identical and match with the patient then only they can carry on with the procedure. But if your siblings do not match or if you do not have a sibling then the doctors search for volunteer donors. No matter who the donor is, they have to match the tissue type of the patient.

Once the stem cells are collected then only the doctors can proceed for the transplantation. Then they prepare the patient for the transplantation and check their health conditions.

Allogeneic bone marrow transplant centre in India also provides a proper after care once the transplantation is done.

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