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Do you find your spouseto seek privacy every time when her phone rings? Is your teen daughter receiving phone calls from unknown sources? Whether you are a wife or a mom, remaining aware of the phone call activities of your significant others is a part of your responsibilities. There are numerous cell phones spy applications that let you record the phone calls of your family and business personnel. However, picking the reliable and secure app to secretly record calls is the key. Out of the hidden call recorders for Android, we have found TheOneSpy Android tracking app the most efficient. It automatically records all the voice calls received and made by the target without letting them know.

Why is the Hidden Call Recorder Useful?

The secret Android call recorder is equally advantageous for parents, married persons and employers. While parents can keep tabs on the phone calls of their children, the employers can track the phone calls of their customer care and marketing teams.

Parental Control

In this digital age, parents are obligated to monitor the digital behavior of their children and safeguard them from the threats in the real and digital world. The cell phone spying enables the parents to keep an eye on the phone activities of their children. They can find out whom their kids are in contact with. The secret call recording makes parents aware if the kid is facing cyber-bullying or being groomedby the predators.

Spouse Monitoring

The call recording helps detect the clues of infidelity. If you are suspicious of your partner having an illicit relationship or extra-marital affair, you can use cell phone spy to record the phone calls of your partner.It helps you know whom your spouse is in contact with and which type of phone calls he receives and makes.

Employee Monitoring

Call recording is asignificant part of the call center businesses. The employers can record the inbound and outbound phone calls of their employees to keep a check on their communication with the clients.The call recording also enables the employers to ensure that their workers are not engaged in unproductive or unlawful activities.

How does TheOneSpy Android Call Recorder Work?

TheOneSpy is the popular spy for cell phones intended for parents, employers and spouses. You can install the software on the Android mobile phone of your children, significant other and workforces. Once the app is completely installed on the target phone, it accesses the information saved on thephone such as call logs, contacts, messages and media files. At the same time, it performs as a hidden call recorder in the target Android phone and starts recording each and every phone call received and made from the phone.

TheOneSpy cell phone monitoring app enables the end-user to record the incoming and outgoing phone calls of their target.The calls received and made from the target phone get recorded and uploaded to the TOS account. To listen to the recorded phone calls, you need to log into the spy app account. To sign in the cell phone spy app, you provide the confidential username and password allotted to the purchaser of the software at the time of the purchase.

After the sig in,you scroll through the main menu and find recorded calls tab which provides you access to all the recorded incoming and outgoing phone calls.Moreover, the cell phone spying software provides the call logs showing the call time, duration and name and phone number of the caller and recipient. If you find your kid to receive annoying phone calls, you can also block the incoming phone calls from the scoundrels using the spy for cell phone.

As well as the phone calls, the Android phone spy software enables the parents to keep tabs on the voice calls received and made through the instant messengers such as WhatsApp, Skype, Line, Viber and IMO. It lets you find out how many VOIP calls your kid has made or received, at what time and from whom. If your kid is being oppressed by the cyber-bullies or online predators, the mobile phone surveillance app makes you aware of the situation well-timed and helps you take measures.

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