Bye Myths, Hello Facts: 7 Common Myths about Sleep That You Need to Know

There are a lot of folks out there who have difficulty to drift off to sleep at night. For sure, there are various reasons behind this trouble of sleeping, and it can be a different case for every individuals. However, some people always attribute theirs and other people’s sleep troubles to myths.

Yes, you heard it right, a lot of people still believe in sleep myths. That’s why instead of applying the right solutions to their sleep problems, they do things that are far-fetched and even ridiculous. Thus, for you to avoid being like these people, you need to know the various myths that surround sleep. So take a read!

Sleeping Pills are Alright

As far as possible, you need to stay away from sleeping pills unless your sleep problem is severe and the doctor tells you to do so. Some sleep-troubled individuals take pills to put themselves to sleep even without a physician’s prescription. The bad thing about sleeping pills is that they have side-effects.

Pills that help you put yourself to sleep can have a profound effect on your body’s chemical process. Worst case that can happen to you is that you will be addicted to it which can lead to blackouts and even death.

Snoring Does No Harm

Snoring is natural, but if the case is that every night you snore loudly and frequently, there might be a problem with you. According to a survey, almost 44 percent of males and 28 percent of females snore every night.

When you frequently snore at night, it’s advisable that you see a doctor to check your concern. It’s because people who are habitual snorers may have this fatal condition called sleep a pea. Experts also see a correlation between chronic snoring and high blood pressure and heart diseases.

Dreams are the Effects of REM Sleep

Many of us know that REM or rapid eye movement occurs when we are deep in our sleep. It’s also a fact that when you are in a state of REM and you dream, you will remember your dream more clearly. However, dreams don’t only happen when you’re in REM state. It’s because dreams also occur in a state called hypnagogic state.

Insomnia is All about Having a Hard Time Sleeping

When you follow a strict medical description of insomnia, you will know that there are four symptoms to it, and difficulty to doze off is only one of them. When you wake up in your sleep and couldn’t sleep again immediately, you wake up feeling exhausted, you have sleep disturbance, and you don’t easily fall to sleep, you have insomnia.

So, the general notion that insomnia is all about having a hard time sleeping is technically wrong.

Eight Hours of Sleep is All You Need

Perhaps this myth is the most worn-out of all sleep myths: eight hours of sleep is what you need in a day. However, eight hours may not always be the ideal time span of sleep for every person.

It’s because different people have different sleep patterns, and since it’s a case-to-case basis, every type may have an ideal time span for sleeping. It can be shorter or longer than eight, not just eight hours.

Tiring Yourself Out is Good Before Sleep

Perhaps, one way or another, someone gave you some tip to tire yourself out before bedtime for you to sleep soundly at night. This advice is a plain myth. Sometimes tiring yourself out before sleep can give you a hard time sleeping. It’s because it will lead your mind into thinking that your bedroom is not a place for sleeping.

You Need to Have a Soft Mattress

A soft mattress is all you need to sleep soundly at night. Wrong. A soft mattress is not ideal for every type of person. There are folks out there that who feel comfort in a hard mattress or a semi-soft mattress. If you want to know what’s the ideal mattress for you, you can check the different types of mattresses at Deal Wiki for that purpose.


When you know the myths, you’ll know the truth, and this is especially true when it comes to sleep myths. You should always equip yourself with knowledge so that you’ll know what the lies from the facts. It’s essential that in every opinion, it should have a scientific basis.

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