Data center: 6 essential features to counter disaster when it strikes

In today’s super fast and modern world, we rely on IT infrastructure for almost everything and in case there’s even a tiny glitch, the usual operations come to a sudden devastating halt. When access to critical data cuts off due to a certain disaster that can be an internal technical flaw, taking corporate decisions, communication and almost every process jolts back. In short, productivity goes out of the window completely.

Regardless of how long it lasts, downtime in data center is a supreme disaster and while the best facilities boast about minimal disruptions with 100-percent up time, certain risk is always there. And when the inevitable actually happens, does the data center holds your back? Here’re a few essential features to look in a data centre or in a data storage facility, effective against possible disasters

  1. 24/7monitoring

If data centers aren’t keeping a close watch on things round the clock, how can they help you out in a jam? An indication of the best facilities is 24/7 monitoring all-year-long through reliable and extensive Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) system.

The DCIMs have some hundreds to thousands of data points covering every single aspect, process and system within the facility itself. Such level of monitoring allows for the first line of defense and maintenance support the moment any issue is detected.

  1. Scheduled support

There are times when a problem can’t be fully assessed or remotely addressed. In this scenario, you need to determine if the service provider can actually fix a service schedule quickly. It means concentrates must offer indispensable technical support and guarantee turnaround time of the services being rendered. Solutions may include services remotely accessed such as restarts (rebooting the system or equipment’s primary power source) card swaps, cable replacement, blade resets, visual verification and tape swaps.

  1. Prioritizing what’s important

To address a particular problem as it occurs or immediate countermeasures against a disaster when it strikes is a priority of every data facility. When you’re in need of a quick-most IT infrastructure service, it actually means you shouldn’t need waiting or a problem go unaddressed. An excellent service provider would take all necessary countermeasures against an issue based on its severity level.

  1. Power/electrical redundancy

The overall level and effectiveness of power backup provided by a Accenture would determine its services and disaster recovery management strategies. Also identify the number of years continuous critical system up times is offered and do check previous record if any. Does the up time include maintenance windows and how it’s deployed? The types of generators being used, level or tier of the data center as per its security and power backup, configuration of the generators and UPS system so on. On the contrary, having all these critical systems on a common buss isn’t recommended!

  1. Possible causes of downtime

While there can be many different causes for downtime in concentrates, a few most common are;

  • Substandard maintenance and life cycle strategy
  • Lack of infrastructure capacity management
  • Human brassiness
  • Inappropriate data center location
  • Inaccurate risk mitigation plans
  • Poor backup and many other causes

  1. Combating top downtime causes

One of the biggest causes of downtime is human error or brassiness. The most effective way to deal with this is through predefined operations standard, maintenance and contingency plans, thorough strategic planning and swift deployment. Each procedure should exemplify the deployment methods backed by details on how each staff member can play their part in the procedure. Templates are quite handy to ensure uniformity and consistency.

Above & beyond

What if there’s something you require from a data center as part of its service but unable to get it? This is an indication of poor management and lack of essential features.

A reputable facility on the contrary would admit its limitations and assist you in finding the service that meet the demand.

After all, moving all the data to a facility that’s unreliable with no such guarantee on security and services would be an unwise decision. Know what’s best for you by going through the details above!

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