Difference Between Managed Dedicated Servers And Unmanaged Servers

The cut throat competition among websites these days need no introduction. One of the most important leverage that you could have is your server. Now, before you take the final decision on managed or unmanaged server -here is a crisp analysis to acquaint you with everything you need to know about them.

Offering managed server option is not common with the web hosting parties. The managed server is costly. Needless to say you get all the major help and support for your applications. The company even provides assistance with hosting, server error and upgrading with the times.

Contrast this with Unmanged server and you find yourself dealing with all these above mentioned applications and programs. It is undoubtedly cheaper and knowing the intricate technical working goes a long way in managing the server.

The switch between the two is quite common. For instance managing the unmanged server becomes a bit tedious when you have your own business and website to look over. People generally pick unmanged server as it is cheaper only to switch to managed server with time. There also maybe instance when the reverse is seen due to some cut in the overall budget.

There are three fundamental questions you need to ask yourself before you take the decision for your website.

– Is there enough time to manage the running of your own server?

-Are you armed with just enough technical knowledge so as to understand and manage the operation of the server.

-How much are you willing to pay?

A managed dedicated server allows you to access the admin and configure the basic functions of the server. You have the admin access. There is no worry gnawing you at the back of your mind regarding server operation as you can just set up the server and then just go on with the function of your website and application. You are free of hassles as rest of the thing is taken care by the server provider.

Contrast it with the unmanged server and you will find yourself installing software, configuring mailboxes, domain and other programming. Security will be also your responsibility. So you have to keep a regular check that everything is updated and all the defenses are up against any future virus attack. If you know UNIX you can also go on configuring the linux server. It is comparatively cheaper than mangaed server and so despite the hassles it is generally preferred by most people.

The requirement of your website, the traffic generated by it and the other basic needs that it requires for its smooth sailing should guide you towards selecting the server. Then there may be a lot of discussion for the specific server maintenance. Here, it is imperative for you to know that unmanged dedicated server gives you more access to freedom.

There is no dearth of services which provide hosting without any glitches and are also hassle free. Making the correct choice for getting the right dedicated hosting service will prove crucial in the long run for your corporation. Make your choice now.

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