How to Document Your Pregnancy in a Creative Manner?

Recently my friend stunned with a humorous shoot revealing her twin pregnancy. If you pose underwater it may not be your style. So let us explore a host of creative ways to show the world that you are pregnant.

A perfect pregnancy

You can let your partner share the arrival of a new born baby in the form of being the perfect photographer. To ensure a polished look, do take photos in the same location over a period of time. This should be in the same pose and probably in the same set of outfits as well.

It is suggested that you change the angle for a more creative approach. If you plan to take photos from the above it will show a different angle than the picture perfect photos. Another fun addition would be props. Pregnancy trackers are known to compare the belly of a woman to that of vegetables or fruits.

One important consideration with the photos is that you should hide the flaws. Say for example some pregnant women are more conscious about their stretch marks. When you capture these changes in the form of clicks it is going to make you a wee bit vulnerable and have an amazing look at the transformation of your body as well.

The words

Some creative mothers who play with words would want to document their pregnancy in the form of words. You can browse through the internet and come across numerous words. Some of the ideas which you could go on to plan are cravings of pregnancy, how the name of the baby was picked, or the process of planning the nursery of the baby.

Some of the mothers may enjoy the art of writing letters to their unborn baby in a notebook. You can plan to incorporate visuals from a kid’s book to add in a visual element. Incorporating some form of poetry would be another way to showcase your creativity skills. Search for some form of inspiration by typing in a few words or phrases in some old book. Then colour over the other words in the book, so that the selected word only remains.


Sometimes a mere image is not going to do the required justice. When you are pregnant planning a video when you break the news to your partner would be great. In the later stages of pregnancy the expectant mothers would come across the bellies as the baby stretches. It would be hard to imagine with the naked eyes and a pregnancy growth video would work great wonders.

In case of some skilled parents, they do plan nonstop motion videos which reveals their baby growth video. For example one of the mother plans to inhale from a balloon as the belly expands.

In fact these are hands on modules which go on to provide a life changing experience. Some of the women may be planning a body cast of their popped up belly button at the same time.

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