Effects of Steroid Consumption in Human Beings

When it comes to attracting the opposite sex mainly females, men take the option of building their body. Many of us want to look good and handsome. People might not take interest in obese men or men with tummy. All of us want a man with good looks and body. Earlier this body building was only a sport where in, participants build their body and perform in front of a panel of judges. They exhibit their body structure and postures to show their strength. The one with the best body structure wins the title. But today, it is more than just a sport. Everybody is interested in body building. This is because they want to look good. The main purpose of body building is to have a good structure and muscle with toned body and a healthy heart.

Body building involves the right diet with no fat and a lot of exercise and pain. There is no gain without pain. But body building today has gone one step ahead of all this. People want to choose the short cuts without any pain involved. They consume steroids which help in building the muscles without much exercise or diet involved. It indeed has results but it is very dangerous to the body. People though they are aware about its effects, still choose to buy them because they want to get the body that they desire in a very brief period and do not want to strain.

It is also important where you purchase your steroids as some online sites sell the duplicate ones.  Steroids are drugs that mimic certain natural hormones in the body that develops muscles. Consumption of steroids thus increases body mass by secreting more of this natural hormone. They are orally taken or injected.

Types of steroids

Steroids come in two natural types. One is anabolic steroid and other one is cortico steroid. This anabolic steroid tends to be misused many times since they behave like the natural male hormone, testosterone thus helping in improving muscle mass and in endurance. Some people take this for gaining muscle where as some take it to improve their performance in sports. Steroids also help in stamina, training ability, faster recovery time, increased bone density etc. But its negative effects overshadow the probable advantages of the drug.

High dosages of the steroid have negative effects on both men and women. In males, over dosage of steroids can lead to shrinking of the testicles and deficient performance in bed with infertility, increased risk of prostate cancer and growth of breasts, reduced sperm count and baldness. In females, it can cause voice deepening, enlargement of the clitoris, changes in the menstrual cycle, male pattern baldness and growth of facial hair. Acne formation in face and body is common in both.


People should be made aware of the effects that steroids can cause. Body building should be done with proper diet and exercise and not through steroids and drugs. The effects of the steroids will not be mentioned where you purchase your steroids and hence Google it or consult a doctor before buying them.


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