Everything you Need to Know Before Buying a HD Set-Top Box

From a buyer’s perspective, who is about to make his first ever DTH purchase, almost all the plans, bundles and the services offered by a provider might look the same. Choosing the right DTH HD connectionmay seem like a difficult task, especially if there is not knowledge about what is DTH.

So, let’s begin – DTH is Direct to Home, wherein the TV content is delivered directly by the satellite to your HD set top box. There are different DTH types of boxes you can buy in the market. In order to provide customers state-of-the-art experience, SD, HD and now UHD boxes have been introduced in the market. For the average customer, it might look like technical jargons. All that you should know is that standard definition is the entry level visual quality whereas going for a HD set top box will provide you immersive experience with top of the line visuals as select channels will be relayed in full 1080i resolution. It is a must have for users who have a HD television at home and want to make the most out of their investment. There’s also 4K UHD boxes which power users can go for, only if they have already invested in a 4K television.

When you buy a DTH, you also need to invest time to look at the bundles and offers available in the market. Most services offer a base package for as low as Rs. 99 per month. Some service providers also give the option to customize the plan further with regional channels, ALa Carte packages and bundles. Before you buy a new connection, however, check if the service provider offers your choice of HD channels. The latest televisions these days are more than likely to have full HD resolution and the flexibility to enjoy movies, music, sports in the highest visual fidelity will make it more entertaining than ever.

The next thing that you need to ensure is the service quality on offer by the service provider. The best channels when combined with impeccable service will make your DTH HD connection a worthy addition to your home. The company’s customer care should be competent to answer your queries and also be quick to respond to complaints in case the picture quality is subpar or the wiring has been damaged due to recent weather conditions. Online reviews, social media comments can help you assess the quality of service offered by a company.

Remember, in order to retain their customers, service providers often give long term offers for people who sign up for half-yearly or annual plans. These bundles usually reduce your monthly usage charges while providing several extra channels for free consumption. Some other providers give extra months when subscribers sign up for long term and pay the cost up front. Most providers do charge additional cost for HD subscription because of the improved quality it offers and only a select number of channels are offered in high definition making it a niche yet fast growing technology to go for.

To end, these are the basic things you should know before switching to a DTH HD connection.  You can get a wide range of channels, multiple bundles to choose from and the ability to pay per channel. Besides these look out for reliable, the service quality, warranty and customer support before finalising a decision.

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