To what extent Winstrol is considered safe for men

Normally Winstrol has potential to affect men’s libido and could probably lead to some minor side effects including hair loss or male pattern baldness. It is true that in case of Winstrol, the side effects are probable which could further be minimised. Winstrol is safe for males but its dosage and direction for use could not be ignored at all. Once it is misused, it could lead to serious health injuries. It is a popular anabolic steroid that is being used by the athletes and bodybuilding troops in order to enhance their strength and performance so that it could lead to effective workout.

Winstrol is a brand name for anabolic steroid which is available in the name of stanozolol in tablets as well as injection form. Initially it was used in treating the medical conditions but considering its side effects its usage has been restricted in US. In order to obtain such controlled substance you are required to present a valid prescription of a certified doctor. Despite being considered as a controlled substance, its trade is continued through illegal sources and black markets. There are risks associated with purchase from such sources because it could lead to penalty as well as imprisonment as such activity is considered as an illegal offence in the steroid laws. Similarly there is a risk of fake product or inappropriate combination of ingredients used in the drug which could further affect the organ and its functions.

Some people tend to use supplements with similar results as of the real anabolic steroid. It must be noted that the risk associated in such cases is higher than that in real steroids. Talking about the behaviour of Winstrol in the body, it has the potential to increase the production of Red Blood Cells thatsimultaneouslystimulates the protein oxygenation and production and subsequently promotes growth and development of muscles. It is a veterinary grade drug that was initially used for the treatment of human hereditary angioedema. It is often used by the bodybuilders to reduce the potential for muscle wasting during the off-season.

Referring to the comparative study made on recommendations of athletes, the standard recommended Winstrol cycle doses for men could be set at 50 mg daily for six to eight weeks. The extent of its effectiveness depends upon the dosage as well as the form of steroid stacked to the cycle. Normally injectable form of anabolic steroid is highly preferred than the tablets for gaining rapid results. In order to avoid any health issues you are recommended to start with relative lower dose. The athletes and the experienced users claim that Winstrol is safe for males and the side effects are minor in nature which is caused as a result of misuse or inappropriate dosage of the drug. Such side effects include persistent abnormalities in liver enzyme assays, decline in good (HDL) high-density lipoprotein, mood changes, weight gain, and excessive growth of body hair. It must be noted that these side effects could be controlled if taken care of in the right time.


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