How to Get Visitor Visa of Canada

Visitor Visa in Canada is a nation of quality life, its great environment and prosperity are its partial factors and its key factor is its people. Its society is totally diverse and has vast culture as people from all over the world live in there. It is the second largest country in the terms of its area. Its landscapes are its national identity. Canada exports and harbours a plenty of natural resources & intellectual capital equal to some other countries.

Canada is the best country to move around as it welcomes the newcomers with an open heart. It also invests money for settling down of immigrants and it is also one of the safest countries in the world according to the OECD. These things attract people to visit Canada and for this, they need Immigration Canada Visitor Visa. And its great weather and ambiance, its people, waterfronts and its natural beauty attract immigrants towards Canada. Nobody wants to lose the chance to be there.

What is Visitor Visa Canada?

A person who is not Permanent Resident of Canada or Canadian citizens and wants to visit Canada he or she requires a visa, which is called visitor visa. Visitor visa is also referred as TRV (Temporary Resident Visa), it is an official certificate issued by Canadian visa office. This also shows that you are admissible in Canada without any restriction as it is attached to immigrant’s passport.

Procedure for getting Visitor Visa Canada

Canadian visitor visa is a short term Canadian immigration opportunity that allows visitors to stay in Canada for leisure and tourism purpose. Canada allows visitors for maximum six months on Canadian Visitor Visa.

  • The immigrants have to apply in U.S.Embassy for visitor visa Canada. Because of security reason, all immigrants have to go through the inspection by metal detector machines. X-ray machines and other detection tools will also examine the visitor’s belongings.
  • If visitor’s refused to submit their luggage for security screening then they will not permit to enter the Embassy and also some items are prohibited, these are as follows:
  • Purses larger than 12-10-6 inches are not permitted.
  • Fire Starters.
  • Knifes and sharp tools are prohibited.
  • Any types of liquid, lotions, oil & pump spray are not permitted.
  • Electronic gadgets like cameras, laptop, mobile phones and keyless remotes or recording gadgets are prohibited.
  • The only immigrant is allowing in Embassy during the interview.
  • Those who cannot speak English can take the help of one interpreter but with the permission of consular staff.

Requirements for getting Visitor Visa Canada

Immigrants have to show the officer that they are eligible for the requirements of IRPA (Immigration Refugee Protection Act) and Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations.

You must also:

  • Be abiding by the law and have no criminal records.
  • You are not going to work and study in Canada.
  • Persuade the officers that you will depart Canada at the end of your trip.
  • You have enough money to stay in Canada for the time period you applied for.
  • Your health should be in good condition.
  • You should not be the risk for Canada security.
  • Provide any supplementary document asked by the immigration department to begin your admissibility.
  • Visitors have to fill Visitor Visa Application Form Canada for entering in Canada.

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