How to Track Someone’s Viber Activities in India?

According to Viber, it has 40 million registered users in India. Though the number of active users may vary, one thing is for sure;there is no dearth of Viber spying appson the market that claims to monitor someone’s Viber activities stealthily. Sadly, most of these software do not deliver what they promise. Thus, it’s important to opt for a reliable and advanced Viber spying app if you are mulling over to invest in a spyware.

What is Viber?

Although many instant messaging apps have popped up lately, but make no mistake, Viber is still a popular messaging app among people of all age groups in India. And the numbers clearly reflect that. Basically, it’s a free app that can be downloaded to a smartphone, tablet, or PC, so users can send and receive messages or make voice calls over the internet using mobile data or a Wi-Fi connection.

This means calls and text messages are free of charge because they do not consume user’s call tariff allowance. Mind you, it only works with devices that have Viber installed on them.

Why Should You Monitor Someone’s Viber?

Unlike traditional phone calls or messages, keeping tabs on someone’s Viber calls and chats isn’t that easy. Since Viber does not store user data on its servers, therefore Viber calls and messages remain hidden. This is a grave problem—if you fail to pick up the Viber calls and messages of asuspicious individual you will never get to know what he or she is up to. However, with the advent of advanced breed of spy programs now it’s possible to keep track of Viber communications without touching someone’s phone or mobile device.

What Do You Need to Monitor Viber?

Xnspy is one of the few spyware that can actually monitor Viber activities and provide you all the details that you wish to keep an eye on. The best Viber spy app in India supports iOS and Android devices, including the Samsung and Apple’s latest flagship phones and tablets. Best thing about Xnspy is that the Viber spying app in India doesn’t require you to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad. The no-jailbreak version of software empowers you to snoop on Viber activities without physically accessing the device you wish to monitor.

How Xnspy Works?

Xnspy offers two subscriptions packages: Basic and Premium. Pick the one that is in line with your requirements and budget. Once you subscribe a plan, Xnspy will email you the download link along with user details of your personal web-based account. Set up the app on the target device and access your secure web account using the login details and start monitoring Viber activities. The best Viber spy app in India covertly collects all the information and upload it to your web-based account. You can access the collected data from anywhere at any time. Read every single chat, see photos shared through the platform, check contact details and more from your personal computer orsmartphone.

What Can BeMonitored?

Below is the information you can extract with Xnspy:

  • Monitor Viber Call Logs

Viber is primarily used to make free calls to anyone across the globe over the internet. With Xnspy, you can obtain Viber call log details to know who the target is communicating with. Since you can access contact’s name (if saved) and number with the Viber spying app. Also, you can view time and date stamp of each call. It will reveal to you when exactly a call was received or made and for how long they talk.

  • Track Viber Messages

Read the content of every message that is sent or received by the device user. You can even retrieve the call logs, photos or messages that were available on the target device before the installation of Xnspy. The Viber spying app will upload this data to your personal web account. Each message bears time and date stamps that make it easy for you to decipher when a conversation took place.

  • Check all Photos Shared ThroughViber

Every picture that is sent or received through this platform is captured and Xnspy makes it available to you for view on your secure web account. All these photos will bear Viber tagging, so you won’t face any problem in spotting the snaps on your web account.

All in all, this Viber spying app is an excellent option for spying on someone’s Viber. It enables you to eavesdrop on all the activities without giving yourself away. Even if you aren’t making a choice solely based on Viber monitoring, Xnspy is a good value for money. Owing to its extensive array of spying features, ease of use, and affordable pricing. You can use the surveillance application to track phone calls, record device surroundings, check internet browser history, set geofences, view calendar entries, read chats on popular messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Line and more.

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