Laminate Your ID Cards to Improve Your Cards to Improve Your Card’s Lifespan

ID cards are considered to be a very vital as it reveals all the basic identity of a person. As you keep your ID card with yourself for the maximum time of the day, the chances of deterioration of the quality of the card are high. Hence the lamination process is used to secure the ID cards against all the foreign elements that can ruin it.

Laminating is a process through which the ID card is quoted with PVC, synthetic or composite paper. Two materials are pressed against each other for sealing them. It is a layer of protection, which you can easily get in various stores. When the lamination is done then the ID card’s surface becomes smooth, and no leftover marks remain after the process.

Why should you laminate your ID cards?

Strong: Normally the standard ID cards will have a thickness of near about 30 mils. So when you laminate your ID card, it will become 25% thicker than the standard one. This extra thickness will help you to protect the ID card from any physical damage which includes cracking or bending.

Durability: As lamination helps you to keep the ID card away from any foreign particles like the debris, water, dust, dirt so increases the lifespan of your card. Lamination also helps you to protect the text and the printed images, which is there on the card. So chances of important information being scratched away are minimal. Even if the ID card falls on the water, still the material will not get damaged.

Professionalism: When you will show an ID card which is laminated then it will help you to give a good impression of the people, and they will think you as a professional one. As it is going to represent your identity in front of other people so showing of blackish ID card with worn out edges can act like the deal breaker. If you can laminate the ID card, then it will be visible to the viewer as it won’t get damaged like the standard ID cards.

Sweating: It is seen that when we keep a piece of paper at a place for a long time, it starts to get attached to its surrounding paper. In this way, both the image and the text are damaged. So laminating the ID card will help you to keep the ID say for a long time.

Portability: If you can carry laminated ID card with yourself then you won’t have to carry an extra plastic bag to keep it safe.

Affordable: Doing lamination is very much affordable, and once you laminate a piece of paper then you will not have to invest in it for next few years. The cost of lamination will depend on the thickness of the paper that will be used for lamination.

Appearance: When you will laminate ID card then it will have a satin, matt, or gloss film. It will increase the overall appearance of the ID card, and it is done with the help of the particular application. Lamination can easily mount the images. Once the lamination is done, it will stay preserved for a long time irrespective of the climatic condition, and it will always look like a new one. Lamination also enhances the natural color of the product, and there are various ways to laminate. Lamination is transparent in nature so it will not blemish or impair the printing present in the ID.

Tips to keep in mind

When you are laminating vinyl media, it is strongly recommended to use the vinyl coating. However, if you are using the inkjet then keep the image for 12 hours before it is laminated.

Apart from laminating just your ID card, there are many more things, which you can laminate the debit or credit cards. Even the important documents are laminated to keep it safe for a long time. But make sure that you are giving the ID card in a proper store to get the lamination. To keep the ID card secure all you have to do is pick the perfect lanyard card holder and keep the laminated ID card inside it.


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