How Landing Page can help in Conversions

Do you know what is landing page? 

 Landing page is a special page on your website that’s built for conversion objective. It’s a page within your website built with a single actionable ask that facilitates the completion of that objective.

Why Landing Pages Matter?

The name of the game in any website is conversion. Everyone knows there are many ways to engage your customers like targeted ads, banner ads, email campaigns. It’s important to have a destination for these customers, a landing page that supports the messaging in your creative and provides a seamless experience from engagement to checkout.Currently, there are lots of tools and services out there to help you generate emails and ads. Even getting graphics isn’t the issue it once was.

One of the biggest misconception is that “I need to show everything on landing page”.

Merchants have a tendency to want to include every part of their store on every page. It’s very easy to bombard customers with too much information. Having a newsletter popup and a blog and an area for social media are all good ideas for your store, but when you have a landing page that you’re using to convert customers, those elements ultimately detract from your message.

2 Important points that you should keep in mind

#1. Never send traffic from an ad to your home page

You should never drive traffic from your promotional campaigns – whatever they are – onto your website’s home page. Home pages are usually cluttered with information, there are many possible actions a visitor can take, and the most important one might be missed. Hence you want to drive traffic from your promotional campaigns to a page that is aimed at only one thing – getting them to take the action that is the goal of your campaign.

Perfect landing page is a occupies an important role in helping you convert browsers into buyers.

#2. Clarity and relevancy will make it or break it

Visitors spend just seconds looking at a landing page before determining its usefulness and relevance to their needs. When visitors can’t find what they’re looking for or if they face any functional or usability problems, they will go away from the page.

Rather than let that happen, make the few seconds you have their attention count and answer the questions that are on their mind:

  • Does this place have what I am looking for?
  • Is there enough information?
  • Can I trust this site?
  • How long will this all take?

Your landing page must entice visitors to stay and complete the desired action for conversion, whether it’s filling out a subscription form or buying a product.

Structure of a good landing page

  1. A benefit oriented headline
    The important part of landing page is headline. When the user clicks the ad, it must redirect to the ad text which triggered the page. If your banner or PPC ad said „Breakthrough meditation system “, then this phrase should also be included in the headline of your landing page.
  2. Relevant and short copy
    Make it clear, relevant, concise. Never put too much text on the page, always the visitors want to read quickly. Use bullet points to drive the main points home. Make sure the language in the ad is also present in the copy of the landing page. Content relevancy to ads is now a more important factor in Google AdWords.
  3. You focus should be one specific action of visitor.
    There should be only ONE possible action for the visitor to take – be it subscribing to something, making a purchase or something else. Don’t give many options to the user or conversions will suffer.
  4. There are no distracting navigational links.
    You should Remove all extra links, menus, buttons which have nothing to do with the particular ad/campaign. The point is that the visitor cannot ignore your message by navigating away, and therefore focuses on only that page.
  5. There is a prominent subscription form or checkout option.
    The one action you want the visitor to take has to be big and obvious. Put a large sign-up form on the right side of the landing page, make it stand out.
  6. Maintain your brand.
    Don’t make your landing page look different from your overall website and brand. To maintain look and feel of your main site, always keep same colors and font. This helps to enforce the brand awareness.

A good landing page also loads fast. People just don’t have the patience with slow pages. Use Google Page Speed to measure the speed of yours. It will also give you recommendations for improving page speed.

To make this task easier there are many landing page builders. According to ingenious express the best landing page builder is Instabuilder. Check instabuilder 2.0 reviews.


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