All You Need To Know About Acids, Bases, And Salts

Acids, bases, and salts have a large portion of chemistry combined with them. The study of these three terms makes you aware of the various complex reactions in chemistry. You understand about the various products and the changes that take place around you.

The study of ncert solutions for class 10th Science chapter 2 allows you to have a detailed knowledge of these topics. But it is important that you grasp the foundation of the terms in order to study the in-depth concepts of the chapter.

Hence, in this article, you attain the foundational knowledge of acids, bases, and salts.


  1. What are acids?

An acid always gives hydrogen ions when dissolved in water. The hydrogen element always requires an opposite ion in order to exist. This is why it combines with elements like chlorine to combine with the chloride ions. The formation of acids includes hydrogen ions. Hence, when the acids are dissolved in water, they produce the hydrogen ion back.

  1. What are the properties of acids?

Acids have specific properties, which make them easy to recognize. For instance, acid are good conductors of electricity. Plus, they have the capacity to neutralize bases to produce salt and water. Also, the corrosive nature becomes a big factor when it comes to recognizing the acids.

  1. How useful are acids?

Acids have a wide range of uses. They become helpful in manufacturing paints, dyes, useful industrial chemicals, plastics, and fertilizers. Also, the acids are used in car batteries and many other areas.


  1. What are bases?

The bases are the substances that give hydroxide ions when dissolved in water. The formation of bases includes the combination of any positive ion with the hydroxide ions. When dissolved in water, the hydroxide ions get released. The bases are also known as an alkali if they are soluble in water. These bases have different varieties according to their strengths.

  1. What are the properties of bases?

Bases have a soapy feeling when touched. They are known for their bitter taste and the ability to turn red litmus blue.

  1. How useful are the bases?

Bases are used in the manufacturing of soaps, paper, and different synthetic fibers.


  1. What are salts?

Salts are the compounds formed when an acid reacts with a base. So, the salts are the ionic compounds having cations and anions combined together. The reaction produces water as a result as well. However, due to the different extent of the reaction completion, there are normal salts, acidic salts, and basic salts possible.

  1. What are the uses of salts?

Salts are used in various daily life situations. From washing purposes, bandage a sealing agent, to making statues, toys and decorative articles. The salts have a vast importance in our life.

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