The North Indian Main Course Delight

This particular North Indian cuisine is not restricted in that region today, it is greatly preferred as the main course all over India,and even it has International admirers. Basically it is quite renowned and popular vegetarian cuisinewhich can be conveniently prepared at home and presently it is widely served in restaurants, various occasions and banquets. This particular widely admired cuisine is a real vegetarian delight which consist of a thick gravy or puree of spinach which is seasoned by garlic and other relevant spices with fried paneer or cheese cubes immersed in it. It has its origin in Punjab though, the creamy surface of palak paneer satisfies the taste buds and the cheese cubes the appetite and goes quite well with roti,rice,naan or chapatis. Some prefer homemadepaneers instead of buying it from the store because those may contain preservatives and other chemicals.

Looking back in time

With reference to palak paneer recipe in hindi it is found that particular cuisine over time develops various dimensions with reference to its use in number of occasions, seasons and among numerous cultures. It is in fact a definite variant of the age old cuisine termed as Saag Paneer which also originated from Punjab. Very interestingly it is said that Paneer was invented by the Mughals accidentally, what happened that they used to carry milk in leather bags when they rode horses through deserts and the surrounding heat transformed the milk into paneer or cheese. This was incorporated in the Indian cuisine regime in the times of Mughal Empire. Alongside it can also be mentioned that long back Spinach was cultivated for the first time way back in Persia, and basically, it was the traders from Arab who brought it to India.

Global Appeal

It is really difficult to find such a nutritious and tasty food which can very well be served in breakfast lunch or dinner, this diversity makes this particular cuisine more popular. It is always great to find the satisfaction on the face of the persons who enjoy the dish you have prepared with your skill and love. It has been significantly noted apart from the vast popularity in India, the fondness for cheese products of European and Australian people have transformed this cuisine into an International Delight. With relation to Palak paneer recipe in hindi it has to be kept in mind that during winter season plenty of Saag is produced so previously it was restricted to a winter cuisine only but the growing popularity has transformed it to cuisine for all the seasons. Another significant aspect is that the Saag or leafs used should be green and fresh not frozen, then you will miss the traditionaltaste. With reference to the preparationo this cuisine timing is very crucial.


Any cuisine represents a culturewhen we analyse the popularity of palak paneer recipe in hindi and the global appeal of this cuisine have made it an indispensable item. Interesting in our country a particular festival named as “paneer festival” been organized.

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