PNR in Railways – How important is it?

Technology is used in practically every service on this planet. Gone are the days where records existed only on paper. Advances in technology have boosted the quality of service in many different sectors. The industrial revolution led to the expansion of railways. Most major towns and cities are connected by railways. The lines run through rural areas as well, thus proving to be the spine of transportation in almost every country. Modernisation of railways has led to abundant changes in the system. Recently, a new concept was introduced, called the PNR.

Comprehensive information about the passenger, his journey data, and a lot of other valid details are stored in the railway department database. The PNR is basically just a unique pointer to one of the registers of this vast railway database. The details usually include –

  • A few details of the passenger like Name, Age, Sex, etc.
  • The payment/ Transaction details for the entire journey.
  • Some ticket details about the train – Boarding and de-boarding stations, ticket class, Date/Time of travel, etc.

Suppose you want to go on a trip with your family. You decide to travel by train and go to the nearest Railway office to buy tickets. You will get your tickets along with your PNR number, which is also called the Passenger Name Record. All you got to do now is head back home, and input the PNR number in any of the available platforms. These platforms could either be the official website, designated apps, or a simple toll-free phone call. On entering your PNR number, all the details of your ticket are portrayed, and the status of your ticket is mentioned. Your ticket could either be reserved, waitlisted, or confirmed.

You need not have to sit and break your head over the status of your ticket by traveling to the booking office each and every time. A simple method to check the status of your seat is definitely very convenient and time-saving.  For example, if you decide to travel between two cities in India, a simple keyword search on Google, like ‘PNR Status Indian Railway would suffice. A link to one of the many platforms available to check the PNR status would appear.

Just as how the application of technology helps make work easy, the railway department is planning to introduce new concepts linked with PNR. Your unique ID can probably be used to check the status of the journey, and the location of the train. This ensures safety and a lot of care from the department. The final aim is to ensure that every passenger thoroughly enjoys the entire process of traveling by train.

Railways can also use the PNR number in case of an emergency situation. If the passenger falls ill on the train, the railways can contact his family and let them know about the incident using his address, as pointed by the PNR in the Railway database. The PNR pointer could also be used to track down passengers in case of any police complaint on them.

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