Proper functioning of the body is impossible without Testosterone

Testosterone is an important male sex hormone required for reproductive development. Women too produce testosterone but at lower levels. It belongs to a group of male hormones, called androgens. This hormone is mainly produced in the testes and a small amount in the adrenal glands. Hypothalamus and the pituitary gland of the brain control the production of testosterone. It is responsible for the development of sex organs in males before birth and also for the development of sexual features during puberty like facial, body hair growth and voice deepening. It is linked to the overall health in men and is even accountable for the obstruction of osteoporosis in men.

In an adolescent stage, when a male is diagnosed with low testosterone levels, it leads to a negative impact on his health, wellness, growth and development. Elderly people are at higher risk and mixing testosterone with alcohol canseverely impact other medications. Numerous over-the-counter supplements and prescription drugs warn against consuming medications and alcohol simultaneously. Alcohol reduces the effectiveness and purpose of the medications and contributes to various side effects and it adversely affects hormone production. Mixing drink with anabolic steroids causes a change in emotional and mental state and also in your physical state. Steroids, when combined with alcohol, contribute to gastrointestinal issues such as bleeding and ulcers.

Signs of low testosterone levels

Low libido is the most common and the best-known effect of low T. Sufficient hormone levels make the body anabolic and put it in the muscle building state by assisting your body to produce and assemble more proteins, building blocks of muscle mass. Conversely, when there is a drop in its levels, the body becomes catabolic and breaks down the muscle tissue. After very weeks with low levels, one can lose muscle mass. In one study, it has been revealed that men with low T have double or triple risk factors of muscle loss along with age.

In another study, it was reported that after undergoing androgen deprivation therapy for one year, men suffering from prostate cancer added 14 percent additional body fat and visceral fat of 22 percent. Visceral fat enhances the risk for heart disease and diabetes. Moreover, low levels can enhance the activity of lipoprotein lipase enzyme. Low levels also create trouble with memory. Men experience a drop in his mental functioning too. With the fall in the hormone levels, the bone breaks down at a rapid rate than the body can build it up. Due to this, there is a risk of osteoporosis and fractures.

Testosterone and obesity

Declining levels of this hormone are accompanied by metabolic risk factors such as higher body mass index, insulin resistance and cardiovascular risk. Testosterone treatment is used for obese men. Obesity can affect the levels of testosterone. Researchers have indicated that modifications in dietary and lifestyle are more accurate in obese people than its supplementation. The modifications along with standard interposition for metabolic disorders can bring the hormone levels to normal. Apart from obesity, there are others risks factors responsible for low T levels such as smoking and alcohol consumption. Alcohol reduces the effectiveness of hormone production as well as bringsa change in physical and emotional status.

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