Not many people are aware of just how SEO has become important in the last couple of years, and not a single business owner can succeed without being involved with the online marketing community. Now, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which practically means optimization of your website in order for it to be ranked higher among the Google search results. So, when people type certain words and phrases in the Google search bar, your goal is to be the first result that pops up. It’s important to state that 95% of Google’s traffic is related to the first results page.

The point is, very few people will go pass the first page. Now, if that isn’t a reason for devoting more time to the betterment of your SEO practice, we don’t know what is. Truth be told, Google is constantly changing their algorithm, so it’s impossible to come up with a universal solution that will undoubtedly take you to the throne. However, there are certain things you could improve, and that’s why we are here. Let’s dig deeper into the world of SEO and share a few tips that can improve your website’s traffic in a matter of days.


Prior to anything else, make sure your content is always above par. This way or the other, people are going to visit your website, however, your content is always going to be the number one factor that influences people to visit again and hopefully share. You simply have to make your content relevant. The more you beat around the bush, offering irrelevant and of the point content, the greater the risk of having a decline in your website’s traffic. So, stay reliable and stay relevant. Additionally, try to make your content lengthy. Of course, we are not talking about thousands and thousands of words, but a healthy 1.000 and above will give you enough space to incorporate more commercially relevant keywords. Plus, don’t forget to be fresh with your content. Build a tradition of publishing new articles at least a couple of times during the week.


Keywords are highly important when it comes to SEO. Doing a proper research on commercial keywords (which are relevant for the subject you’re dealing with) can take you a long way. However, before you satisfy your thirst for those commercial ones, try finding out how did people, that have visited your site before, come across it. Try to find which words and phrases were most commonly used, and incorporate them in the future (especially in your provoking header). For this purpose, you can use your Google Keyword Planner. Another good tip is to write your website description in such a way that leaves it packed with your most valuable keywords.


This is probably the most important factor of your SEO standing. Link building is the practice of increasing the number of links on other estimable sites that lead to your URL. It turns out that this is the first criterion that Google takes into account when deciding what results to show. So, we implore you to get cracking with that outreaching!


If you have a slow performing website, that’s bad news. Research has shown that if your site doesn’t open in the first 2-3 seconds, people are automatically going to veer away. You can measure your site’s speed by using the Google Page Speed Insight tool. If your site is rich with high quality pictures, they might just be the cause of its decreased speed.


Metadata is data about data. However, you can use it to tell Google more about your content. This is where Title tags come into play. Title tags are very short descriptions of your content. They can be seen as the text in the tab of a newly open page, as a main text in the Google results, or as the title of your content when you share your page on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

There is a lot of things to worry about when it comes to SEO In London. We can freely say that it’s almost like a scientific discipline. Nevertheless, we gave you some simple advice that can make a lot of difference if you decide to take it into consideration.

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