The Results Of Winstrol When Used For Bodybuilding

Winstrol or stanozolol as you may call it is a wonder drug as it can bypass the liver breakdown which is also known as bio availability. This helps it to go directly into the blood stream and show its effects right way with all the power with which it was consumed in the first place. The drug is found in the suspension form which is intravenously administered. This form is considered more effective than other form such as pills or powders etc.This drug has similar properties of testosterone and they can be used as effectively one over the other. This drug is found to be useful both to the humans and animals. The vets have found that animals which are weakened or debilitated. These animals are given doses of this medication to increase the appetite and gain muscle growth and also induce the growth of red blood cells in their body. The changes in SHBG are quite evident.

In humans it has been found useful in several heart conditions treated by using this medication and also increasing the blood count or anaemic patients. This drug has proven to enhance the performance in athletes, professional boxers, gymnasts etc. Hence very popular among sportsman, but it has been banned by sports authorities all over the world for its use in competitive sports.

Results of winstrol

This drug is a wonder drug for bodybuilders as it burns the fat and increases muscle in the body. This dual function of stanozolol has made it the popular choice among the bodybuilding community. This drug is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone and it has proved its ability of keeping its potency intact while going through the gut.Changes in SHBG can be seen.

This drug is usually used in the cutting or the leaning phase of the bodybuilding process; athletes too feel that keeping a lean and fat free body will give them a due advantage of keeping the muscle growth and getting rid of the adipose fat in the body.

Dosages of winstrol

Winstrol has the benefit by consuming orally and as well as being injectable. This is one of the rare steroids where it does not break away in the liver and if consumed orally will not take away the spectacular effect it has on muscles building process.

The dosages vary for men and women. This drug having the advantage to consuming orally and injectable gives an upper hand over oral consumption as the injecting it is quite painful and users have complained of burning sensations on the injected area lasting for days. The

Male dosage ranges from 40mg to 100mg whereas women in competitive sport are advised to consume 5mg to 15mg not exceeding 20mg.The oral consumption is usually 10mg to 15mg whereas the injectable doses are from 25mg to 50mg.

Side effects

There have been complaints of nauseous and drowsiness feelings, abdominal pains, light coloured stools to dark coloured urine, yellowing of the skin and the eyes, this indicates that the drug has affected the liver


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