Samsung Galaxy S9: What there’s to talk about?

The upcoming new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ will break the frames to give a total vision to put on the screen all the content that you want, and that you can hold easily with one hand, Comfort and great vision, in a launch that will suppose a before and after in the world of smartphone, this all will be there in the next Galaxy, though Galaxy S8 already offers such specifications.

“This spectacular Samsung S8 looks all by itself, its designs have dazzled this season.” These are the comments of many people, who have used the Galaxy S8, we’re sure these comments will eve spectacular when Samsung launches the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The S8 is Great beauty, excellent performance, and good camera makes the new Samsung S8 Edge a smartphone of an impeccable bill.  The Samsung Galaxy S8 costs 809 euros free, and the Samsung S8 + 909 euros free. Both on the official website and through various mobile companies (Vodafone, or Orange), they allow the financing of 25 to 30 euros per month, or through offers with portability or high. So, with the launch of Samsung Galaxy S9, the similar deals will be available.

Samsung Galaxy S8

“The voice assistant comes to make life simpler and compete against the famous Google Assistant.” A very competitive new virtual assistant: Bixby, but it doesn’t stand high in the S8, so something to be improved with the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Bixby comes incorporated in the new Samsung S8 and allow to recognize the interface of the mobile and to be able to do the tasks themselves on a touch screen. Bixby helps you to:

  • Recognize your voice: You can ask you to turn on the night mode, to search for an image, to zoom in or to put it on the screen. Also with your voice will activate the video playback by connecting the mobile directly on the TV.
  • Recognize your habits: If for example, you call a person at certain times, you are advised to make calls at that time through a card. It also suggests videos that can be to your liking, considering your last reproductions.
  • Provides additional information: the weather, physical activity …
  • Also, with Bixby Vision, your mobile will make you personalized recommendations taking into account the images that are currently capturing the camera of your Samsung Galaxy S8. For example, you can focus on the cover of a book and Bixby informs you of its price. You can also do it from restaurants, movies, etc.
  • Can translate into 52 languages ​​in real time. However, Bixby arrives incomplete on the Samsung Galaxy S8, since the voice recognition feature is not available until a little later, starting with a new update.

Bixby in the S8 works just fine, but not very satisfactory, as stated earlier, we want it to get better with the Samsung Galaxy S9, so let’s wait and watch.


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