Side effects of Alcohol Addiction you should know about

The impact of alcohol starts on your body right from the day you take its first sip. Though taking an occasional glass of alcohol is not a matter of concern, the excessive intake of wine or beer may have a lot of adverse effects on your health. It is a true fact that moderate drinking of alcohol can be good for your health, but those health-related benefits are overshadowed by greater risks if you start drinking alcohol heavily. The side effects of alcohol may vary depending on the frequency and amount of consumption. If you just started drinking alcohol or you have been consuming an excess of alcohol on a daily basis, you need to understand the severe effects of alcohol addiction.

Before understanding the different side effects of excess intake of alcohol, there is a need to understand the symptoms of alcohol addiction you are likely to come across if you drink an excess amount of beer or wine on a regular basis. Following are some of the symptoms that an alcohol addict may face:

  1. Delayed reactions.
  2. Blacking-out or loss of consciousness.
  3. Incoherent speech or inaudible.
  4. Redness of face after consuming a lot of alcohol.
  5. Vomiting, stomach pain, or nausea.
  6. Inattention to professional obligations and family.
  7. Reduced attention to professional as well as personal responsibilities.

            Following are some of the side effects of alcohol addiction that may ruin your life:

  1. Inflammatory damage: 

A liver is that essential organ of your body that helps in removing and breaking down all types of harmful substances from your body including alcohol. But consuming alcohol for a long time can interfere with the functionality of your liver by increasing the risk of diseases related to the liver. The damage caused by the inflammation of liver is termed as cirrhosis that can destroy the liver which then makes it difficult for the liver to remove the toxic substances from your body. 

  1. Central nervous system: 

While affecting other body parts, excess intake of alcohol can also have severe effects on your central nervous system. Because the excess consumption of alcohol can distract the communication between your body and brain, the slurred speech can be one of the signs you might have. An alcohol addicted person is also expected to experience the tingling or numbness sensations both in your hands as well as feet. Also, it may lead to short-term memory loss by affecting your brain severely. 

  1. Digestive system: 

You might not come across the symptoms of alcohol consumption right after you start consuming alcohol, but you will start experiencing the symptoms as the time passes by. The more you consume alcohol, the severe the damage will become. By damaging the tissues present in your digestive tract, it makes it difficult for intestines to digest the food. Drinking a huge amount of alcohol on a daily basis can also cause diarrhea, bloating, or a feeling of fullness in the abdomen. 

  1. Circulatory system: 

An excess consumption of alcohol can also have adverse effects on your lungs and heart. People who consume a lot of alcohol have higher risks of suffering from heart-related diseases than those who do not drink alcohol excessively. Some of the complications related to the circulatory system are irregular heartbeat, heart attack, high blood pressure, heart failure, stroke, etc. 

  1. Reproductive and sexual health: 

Many people believe that the alcohol is helpful in lowering the inhibitions by enhancing the sexual health, but it is absolutely incorrect. Men who are alcohol-addicts are likely to face the issues of erectile dysfunction while women who are alcohol-addict may either stop menstruating or face the issues of irregular periods. So, it can be said that the excessive consumption of alcohol may put women at a greater risk for infertility. Also, women who drink excessively during pregnancy may have a higher risk for miscarriage or premature delivery.

Alcohol addiction is one of the severe medical conditions that need to be treated by                     chemical dependency specialists. If you are an alcohol-addict person, make sure to read some of the extreme side effects of alcohol addiction mentioned above so as to understand how excess drinking of alcohol can ruin your as well as your loved one’s lives. To learn how to get rid of the alcohol addiction, visit EyogGuroo where you will get to know the different remedies or ways to overcome this bad habit.

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