Singapore Work Permits and Visas for Overseas Workers

Singapore is a large economic hub in Southeast Asia and has one of the most thriving economies in the world. The accommodating culture, progressive legal system, advanced technology, developed infrastructure, and a wide variety of opportunities all attract foreigners to work or set up business on the island country. This city-state also enjoys high rankings as one of the best places in the world to live in due to its high convenience and cosmopolitan setting. However, it is also one of the most expensive locations to live in worldwide.

Singapore has a workforce that is over 40% non-resident, so the country is restricting foreigners’ immigration to work there. It is thus crucial for foreigners seeking to relocate to Singapore to secure the best agents to help them process their employment visas and work permits. Singapore Visa net has been helping expatriates to process their visas by offering expert advice on which visa to apply for, manpower policies, etc. You cannot go wrong if you use their services while relocating to Singapore.

Work permits

Singapore work permits allows foreigners who are semi-skilled and from certain approved countries to work in specific areas or fields of the economy. These sectors include building and construction, marine shipyard, manufacturing industry, and service or process segment. The employer or selected employment agent is the one who applies for a work permit.

Eligibility for a work permit

  1. Work permits are only available to laborers from certain countries.
  2. The minimum requirements for a work permit must be fulfilled:

(a) Medical insurance: must be provided by the employer by providing insurance details, minimum coverage, etc.

(b) Quota: the employer or employing agency is restricted by the limit for their industry.

(c) Levy: the employer is obligated to pay a monthly levy for each worker.

(d) Security bond: the employer must acquire security bonds for non-Malaysian foreign workers as per the instructions and requirements.

  1. The particular requirements for the specific sector must be fulfilled.

Duration of validity

A work permit is valid for two years subject to the validity of the worker’s passport and security bond as well as the agreed employment period.

Other things to note

The work permit has no minimum salary requirement and it does not come with passes for family members. It is renewable upon expiration of the two-year period.

Singapore work visa

All foreigners intending to work in Singapore must obtain an employment visa. There are several types of work visas:

Visas for people working as professionals

  • Employment pass: for overseas professionals, managers, and executives. Applicants must earn a monthly salary of at least $3,300 and fulfill the required or suitable qualifications.
  • EntrePass: for qualified foreign business owners or entrepreneurs intending to set up a new business in Singapore.
  • Personalized Employment Pass (PEP): for already existing highly remunerated Employment Pass holders or foreign professionals. The PEP holders enjoy greater privileges and/or flexibility.

Skilled and semi-skilled worker visas

  • S Pass: for mid-level skilled employees. Applicant must earn at least $2,200 per month and fulfill the assessment requirements.
  • Work permit for semi-skilled overseas workers: for workers in the service sector, manufacturing, process, and construction. Also included is this category is:
    • Work permit for foreign domestic workers (FDWs): for domestic workers from other countries who intend to work in Singapore.
  • Work permit for Malaysian confinement nannies: for babysitters intending to take up caregiver work in Singapore from the birth of a child up to 16 weeks.
  • Work permit for foreign performers: for entertainers working in places such as bars, hotels, and nightclubs.

These visas have varying requirements and processing times, which are explained on the Ministry of Manpower website.

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