The Evolving Trend of Streetwear for Men

Men’s streetwear has been on an extreme roller coaster in the past few years, and this is all down to the rising trend of Pop culture all around the world. With the continued growth of the industry, a lot of multi-national, local and foreign companies are looking at tasting a slice of the cake.

What does it take really to be called streetwear? How much more making it generic to the common man or woman on the street.

As rightly put by some street experts, having a generic streetwear brand does mean hitting a few shops or staying around for a few years, it means ruling your hood for 10 to 30 years and taking it global. Only a few brands have managed to that. Just a few brands have managed to be authentic, sustainable without a sponsor and prominent money merchants and remain timeless.

Men streetwear style have evolved with this same trend we have been talking about. Usually, street wears would involve a bit of sneaker, canvas, T-shirt, hoodies, turncoat, etc. but as the tides begin to change, we have seen a blended form of men’s version of streetwear.

Today it’s all about uniqueness with designs and rugged jeans blended with different types of tops and accessories. For anyone seeking a to cut into the industry, however, they will have to be looking at top leaders in the genre kind of industry like;


The so much dominated the niche of men’s fashion from 1994 that these days everyone who wants to reign supreme has to follow supreme. Skate decks, timberland boots, you name and they have got your back in the business.

Some famous men celebrities even hit the limelight by adorning the fantastic piece of streetwear from Supreme.

Wacko Maria

Another brand beginners in the male fashion industry will find thrilling is the Wacko Maria. Still, in the shadows Stussy, it’s made from Japanse trend and needed high caliber of people to make it sell. The brand came in with full skate wears, HHip pop wears and went on to become the streetwear cult newest way of expressing themselves for the men folks.


Another streetwear for men that is continuously known for its graffiti, and pop street wears. Popularly done by Kanye West, its reminiscent of what we had back in the day transforming what street fashion should look like and put it on the runway.

In conclusion, as the growing trend for men continues to push the boundaries of fashion yo it’s extreme, streetwear will continue to evolve with it and meet contemporary design.

Quite a lot has been said about what should men’s wears be all about in the future, but if anything is to be trusted, it’s the fact that nobody has the power or influence to dictate anything about fashion to the street, it picks it’s own.


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