Tips for Preparing CBSE class 12th Board Exam

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is one of the renowned boards in India. It conducts board exams for class 10 and 12 students of CBSE. This year CBSE is conducting the board exams for class 10th and 12th in the month of March. As every year lakhs of students appear for the class 12 board exam, the competition among the students is really high. Hence, students feel nervous while appearing for the main exam. But with a proper preparation strategy and smart work students can easily score good marks in the main exam.

Here is a list of tips for preparing CBSE class 12th board exam:

  1. Follow the Syllabus: Students must give emphasis on studying according to the CBSE syllabus. The reason is, the questions that you are going to get in the exam comes directly from the syllabus. It has never happened that the questions in the board exam have come out of the syllabus. Hence, it is advised to solely follow the syllabus.
  1. Revise the Chapter: Students should always make a habit of revising the learned chapters in order to retain them for a long period of time. This habit will also help in clearing the competitive exams. Students should also devote time to solving numerical and remembering laws. Make notes of whatever you study, so that you can refer them during the preparation for the exam.
  1. Make Study Timetable: A good preparation strategy will help you in covering all the chapters in a stipulated time period. If you are facing a problem in a particular subject, then you should make a timetable devoting more time to that subject. Hence, it is advised to make the timetable according to your own comfort. This will also develop a good habit which will be helpful for you in the long run.
  1. Practice the Previous Year Question Papers: It is always a good idea to practice the last 10 year question papers. This gives you an insight about the question pattern, marking scheme and prepares you to get acquainted with managing time. You can get the last 10 year question papers online on the official CBSE website. You should also practice the sample papers and mock tests.
  1. Stay Fit: Do yoga and meditation while preparing for the exam as it helps to boost confidence, poise, power of concentration and peace. Never neglect your health while preparing for your studies.

These are some of the preparation tips that are helpful in scoring good marks on the main exam.

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