Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in India

We all understand the importance of digital marketing and having a dedicated digital marketing agency in today’s world. Digital marketing is like a mandate for any company that is willing to sustain its business and reach out to a new audience. Especially in the past few years when digital marketing has gained such importance, and no service oriented company can practically survive without doing their part of digital marketing. Digital marketing helps a brand to get the recognition they want. With the potential to reach to people beyond the geographical boundaries, to increase awareness, attracting potential consumers and to skyrocket the business opportunities for a company, digital marketing is the solution to all modern-day marketing problems of a company.

A digital marketing agency is the one that helps an organization to ideate, execute and map all the digital marketing campaigns for them. While a lot of companies believe that managing the digital marketing tasks are easy and can be done in-house, the reality is opposite of it. It takes a lot of efforts and skills to effectively manage digital marketing efforts for a company and therefore is best left to a digital marketing company which can do it best. Therefore, to help you and save you from the trouble of finding the right agency for you, we have made a list of 10 agencies that have the potential to take your business to the next level.

ARM Worldwide:

ARM has been there in the business for more than four years now and has established themselves as an effective and efficient digital marketing agency. With big names on their client list, they have done praiseworthy work in the field of digital marketing. ARM is an agency that has the right set of people managing and overlooking the tasks and the young talent to work hard with a good understanding of the digital platforms.

iProspect India:

A part of Dentsu Aegis network, iProspect has the company that has helped the businesses to reach the milestone that they dream of. Creating a comprehensive strategy for your digital marketing campaigns to execute them with the right tactics is all taken care by them in a very organized and effective way.


Another agency from the Dentsu Aegis network group that has made it to the list. They have gained expertise in making a brand favorite for their consumers. While enabling companies with a smart way to interact with clients, they have been working well in the industry.

Mirum India:

Specialised in services like social media consulting, blogging and ORM, Mirum is in the industry for last eight years. In this span, they have done some campaigns that got the fancy of many people in the industry.

Quasar Media:

It is known to get the big names in the bag with its smart work. Started in 2008, Quasar has its majority stakes owned by the industry giant WPP. With services of all levels, Quasar is one agency to watch out for.


Digital films, SEO, relationship marketing and many other services are what iStrat has gained mastery on. Member of National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM), iStrat has a wide variety of services and been in the industry for quite a long time.


Part of Publicis Groupe, this company has a legacy behind the name. With the expertise of data science and consulting in their pool, they are the ones which have been able to make their clients love them.

To the new digital:

Founded in 2009, this company has done more than 200 campaigns they have earned a name for themselves and able to satisfy a big client list that includes some big names of the industry.

Foxy Moron:

SEO, SEM, and ORM are the services that they have gained some proficiency in and generated spectacular results for their consumers. With their four passionate co-founders, they have an amazing spirit to work.


Mixing the innovation with technology, Langoor has been able to get more than satisfactory results for their clients. They have created many interesting digital media marketing strategies that have made featured on this list.

While there are enough digital marketing agencies in the country to get your marketing strategies aligned and execute them, we tried to give you the list of best of them. Hope we helped. 🙂  

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