Top 5 Benefits of CLA Supplements

One of the most common supplements consumed by people are Omega-3 supplements.

It is no doubt that omega-3 supplements are great for the body. There are different fatty acids that are present in Omega family that have unique health benefits. One such fatty acid is Linoleic Acid.

This extremely effective fatty acid is normally found in beef products and in dairy products. The nutrient that is most potent is called CLA or conjugated Linoleic Acid which is also found in the form of CLA Supplements.

It is known to provide several health benefits and is a very important supplement for those who are looking at weight loss and management. Here are the top 5 benefits of including CLA in your diet:

Top 5 Benefits of CLA –

  1. Accelerated Weight Loss –

With CLA weight loss seems to be quicker and healthier. It has been noticed the CLA has an influence on the regulation of fat in the body. They also help the adipose tissues store and utilize the fats accumulated in the body.

However, what is unknown is the exact role that is played by CLA in weight management. A study conducted by the Pennington Biomedical Research Center suggests that the consumption of body fat as a form of energy is stimulated by CLA.

These studies involve animals that were given a diet that was very rich in CLA. The results were that the energy expenditure was higher and that the body fat levels decreased steadily.

Another advantage is that the metabolic rate is maintained at a higher level when you consume CLA. As a result, the consumption of calories is also higher. Thus with CLA weight loss is twofold. The fats in the body are metabolized and used as energy. This, in turn, makes sure that the body’s metabolic rate is high.

  1. It might prevent Cancer –

It has been observed that CLA reduces the rate at which cancer progresses. It curbs the formation of cancerous cells. Research conducted by the National Academy of Sciences and Cornell University states that the only fatty acid that is capable inhibiting carcinogens is CLA. This conclusion was drawn from several studies conducted on animals that were given a regular dose of CLA.

This anti-cancer effect by CLA is because it increases the body’s ability to absorb vitamins that are fat soluble. This includes Vitamin A and D. It also helps the body produce new cells and aids their growth. CLA affects the prostaglandins that are responsible for the proper functioning of the cells.

  1. It helps prevent Heart Diseases –

As we saw in the earlier section, CLA and CLA supplements help the body use up the stored fat to create energy. This is one mechanism that can also protect you from any cardiovascular diseases.

This function of CLA is also preventive in nature. It can even reverse conditions such as atherosclerosis that are the result of severe fat accumulation in the blood vessels and capillaries.

The Pennington Biomedical Research Center has conducted several studies about the effect of CLA on the condition of the heart. As per these studies, the plaque deposits in the arteries are prevented by CLA. It also ensures that there are no lipid deposits in the arteries either. This is one of the major reasons for the progression and development of heart disease.

CLA is also a powerful antioxidant. This makes it quite effective in controlling heart diseases that are caused by the free radicals in the body. CLA is known to keep blood pressure under control as well.

One of the primary causal factors for cardiovascular diseases and hypertension is fat accumulation in the body. Since CLA is able to regulate fat better in the body, it prevents the chances of obesity. It also ensures that the metabolic rate of the body is high. This, in turn, helps keep the fat levels low, reducing the chances of heart diseases.

  1. Controls chances of Asthma –

Asthma is caused in individuals who have a higher level of leukotriene production in the body. This is a type of fat molecule associated with the immune system. It is extremely potent in causing constriction of the lungs. They are extremely inflammatory in their effect.

These fat molecules are produced in large numbers when a certain enzyme called 5-lipox acts upon arachidonic acid which is a type of fat.

When you consume CLA, the arachidonic acid and 5-lipox inflammation is reduced without causing any damage to the arteries. This is possible because CLA converts into DHA and EPA within the body. These fatty acids are also extremely high in their anti-inflammatory properties reducing the chances of asthma.

  1. Can curb Type 2 Diabetes –

CLA has effects on the body that are quite similar to the synthetic diabetic medicine available. Tests conducted on mice that were diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes showed remarkable results.

It was observed that with the consumption of CLA, the insulin action in these rats was significantly improved. It also lead to reduced glucose circulation. This helped in keeping the blood sugar levels in these rats considerably low. As a result, it was concluded that regular consumption of CLA can actually help manage and prevent diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes to a large extent.

Similar studies were also conducted on humans. These studies revealed that when people consumed CLA for eight weeks or more, the results were the same as the results observed in the rats. So, it is quite certain that one of the major Benefits of CLA is diabetes prevention.

There are many natural sources of CLA. Beef is known to be one of the best sources available. However, if you prefer not to consume meat, you can get CLA from plant sources like flaxseed as well. However the easiest way to ensure that you get a good dose of CLA is with recommended supplements.


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