Two-Way Treatment Of Disease

In the area of physiotherapy, there are numerous treatments and therapies for different problems of health. It is an expert only who can decide which therapy will be better for a particular health issue and a particular patient as nature of health of every patient varies. Combination therapy also called polytherapy is taken in broad perspective for the utilization of multiple medications or therapies to deal with the same conditions. Combination therapy characteristically denotes the use of two or more therapies or medications that can also include nonmedical therapies, immunotherapy which can be psychological therapy and other modes of treatment or therapy. This kind of treatment may not be new. But there has been found that a good deal of increase in the number of approved and too researched combination therapies in the last decade. Going by the view of many oncologists, doctors and also other medical professionals, the combination therapies for the treatment of a large number of conditions and diseases are recommended by them.

It is found that this kind of treatment is deficient in published material in an important way. The quantum of information gathered is anecdotal or is based on the reports of those people who use this modality frequently. While speaking in abroad spectrum, the effects of the combination therapy stand on those of the individual modalities. Till date, there is no evidence available that could speak for any additional effects. Although, there are various kinds of combination therapy unit physiotherapy available for patients in the market.

Usefulness of Combination therapy

Any kind of drug and treatment method that is approved for use by the FDA should necessarily prove to be an effective mode of treatment. By the use of monotherapy approach and treatment desired results are not always obtained. With the utilization of maximum dosages, resistances and other conditions and factors definitely affect treatments. This therapy may give a measured increase in response rates.

However, to maintain levels of safety and efficacy, specific combination therapy measures are also administered in the clinical trials. Using this method, it is made certain that the combined effects are not harmful and hazardous since it is demonstrated that how two or more modes of treatment interact with one another. Although one type of drug is given to slow the movement of disease or lessen inflammation, another is utilized to destroy the foreign cells as an example. This mode of treatment is also considered beneficial when the treatment manner for encountering a disease needs harmful levels of toxicity. Doctors can administer the small doses if needed in causing a reduction or curing a disease.

Quite a large number of actively utilized combination therapies are currently used in the market, besides with many other undergoing clinical trials.  In the use of combination therapy unit price at best price the treatment of aggressive diseases frequently benefit noticeably when the immune system is involved especially.


There emerge no specific contraindications in the use of combination therapy but for the individual modalities as per the experts in the field.


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