A Vacation From Work Doesn’t Have to Mean a Vacation From Your Workout Progress

If you are right in the middle of a workout plan then you are likely hesitant to take a vacation for fear of losing all of the hard work you have been putting in. However, there are likely people around you who aren’t as concerned about your progress as you are and want to take a vacation anyway.

If you find yourself in this position then this article is here to help with ideas on how you can take the basic elements of your workout routine on vacation with you.

Hotel Facilities

Hotel gyms are great for one primary reason – they are limited. After all, they aren’t there to provide a wide range of routines, they are simply there to provide the basics. And that’s exactly what you need. A treadmill, a cycle machine, some general weights and maybe even a chin-up bar is all that you need from a hotel gym to keep your routine on track.

If you have been struggling to decide on your accommodation then consider letting the quality of the hotel gym determine which option you choose.

Look What’s Around

Gyms are everywhere and the majority of them will allow you to purchase a few day passes if you are just visiting the area. Before you leave, get in touch with some of the local gyms to see what they have to offer. If you are visiting the Atlantic City area then the Groupon Coupons page for Bally’s Atlantic City is a great place to start.

Take It Social

On the subject of local gyms, if you don’t want to hit a gym then consider using social media platforms to find local exercise groups at your destination. For example, if you enjoy walking then you are likely to find a number of local groups where you can both enjoy light exercise and speak with locals about their experiences in the town you are visiting.

Of course, these groups are also great ways to see places of the city you would never have thought to visit. For example, many of them will walk through the city streets at night, providing your with night time sights and a safe group to be a part of.

Take Accessories With You

While you won’t want to take any free weights with you, there are some items which you can easily back in your carry on bag. Items like a jump-rope and even a resistance band are great for keeping your activities while on vacation. The jump rope can be taken anywhere outside, whether it’s the roof of the hotel, a local park, or even a beach. Whereas the resistance band can fit around light poles or public exercise equipment.

Just because you are taking a break from your life doesn’t mean that your fitness progress needs to hit a plateau. These above tips are great ways to keep progress going without the need to take your entire workout routine on vacation with you.

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