Visiting Mount Merapi Yogyakarta for Exciting Adventure

When visiting mount Merapi Yogyakarta, do not ever forget to try many exciting adventures offered there. Many tourists who like to have an adventure usually choose to climb the mountain and become closer to the nature and beauty offered by Merapi. It is exciting and challenging experience of course. From the top of the mountain, you can see sun rises in the morning and of course see the beautiful view around mount Merapi. You can see the view of Yogyakarta and the other mountain lineup near Merapi. It is such an interesting and wonderful experience. However, if you want try different way to enjoy the beauty and nature around Merapi, you can try various adventures in Merapi side which will be fun and exciting.

If you want to try different way to enjoy mount Merapi, you can try different various adventure experience offered in Merapi. When you are making family gathering and so on, you may choose more suitable and relax way to explore mount Merapi. Yogyakarta Merapi volcano tour may be a suitable choice for who do not want to take a climb or hike to the top of the mountain. The visitors still can enjoy the nature and beautiful panoramic of Merapi. Here are some things you can do when visiting mount Merapi Yogyakarta to enjoy the beauty.

  • Lava Tour

You can have the other exciting and challenging adventure besides climbing or hiking to the top of the mountain. Merapi volcano tour jeep that available in in the tourism will allow you to explore around Merapi side using jeep. You can choose to explore in short or long route that is offered. There are many places that can be visited during this trip using jeep. The tour service is usually available in the morning until late afternoon. However, if you want to get the sunrise, the tour is also available in the early morning. This is become one of the best things you can try when visiting Merapi.

  • Merapi Volcano Museum

Knowing the history and all things about mount Merapi will be very interesting. Visiting Merapi Volcano Museum will also become educative trip you can choose for your family and children. This also become the basecamp of tour jeep so you will start your tour jeep from Merapi Volcano Museum. You can reach this location easily from Yogyakarta city using any kind of transportations such as TransJogja or using car.

During the trip and adventure in Merapi, you will see things that caused by the last eruption of mount Merapi. The villages around Merapi which is impacted by the eruption, you will see the ruins or broken house, the rest of animal skull and transportation that is broken because of the eruption. It becomes exciting and little bit terrifying adventure you will have when visiting mount Merapi. You can also visit many places and rivers around Merapi side and get the best adventure when visiting mount Merapi Yogyakarta. It will become your fun and exciting holiday in Yogyakarta.

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