My Woman Doesn’t Respect Me: 4 Possible Reasons Why

More and more conflicts appear in your relationship and you feel that your woman doesn’t listen to your opinion. Moreover, she began to allow herself a lot of unnecessary things during the conversation and you no longer intend to put up with it. So, it’s time to determine the signs a woman doesn’t respect you, find out the reasons why she stopped respecting you and to correct the situation.

  1.      You became less confident

When a woman doesn’t respect you, it doesn’t matter how successful you are in your work and how people look at you. You must always remain a real man for your woman. She will see how society reacts to you, how they communicate with you at work, but personal communication is still of great importance. It is important for a woman to see next to her the same man she once relied on. For example, your body has changed over the years and you lost your hair. You don’t like it, but the problem is not even in your appearance, but in the way of life: you yourself went into a group of losers and found there a warm place for yourself. It’s natural that a woman stops respecting an unemotional man who loses all goals in life.

  1.      You don’t dominate

Many families develop a matriarchal system in which a woman pulls over many of the most important functions of a man: begins to make the most important decisions, determines in which direction you have to move, gives some women’s responsibilities to the man who resignedly obeys. Let’s first clarify: to be the head in a relationship doesn’t mean that you have to behave like a jerk. It is necessary to respect and appreciate your woman, listen to her, but at the same time, remain strong enough not to go on about her whims. At some point, you will have to take a number of difficult and unpopular decisions with which she will not agree, so show a character and an iron will (you should always do so if you want to marry a Russian girl online). At first, your girlfriend will not easily get used to these changes. So, the only sure way to keep a relationship is to insist on what you think is right. Do it quite rigidly and uncompromisingly, despite all of her hysterics and resentments. And when she gives up, she will feel like a weak woman, and believe me, she will like it. When a woman feels a real man next to her, she will immediately become more affectionate and loving.

  1.      You have no purpose in life

A man without a goal is like a ship without a master: it will sail until runs aground or crashes against the rocks. Having a goal in life and going to it is one of the best ways to keep your woman’s respect. When you have grandiose plans and you are constantly working to put them into practice, then your woman will see a leader in you and admire it. But there is one mistake made by many men. Having achieved a certain position that allows them to pay bills and buy good food, they relax, lose their grip, and stop moving in the chosen direction. And it is madly disappointing not only you but also your girlfriend. If it is about you, then it is not surprising that you wonder “why my woman doesn’t respect me”.

  1.      You can’t make her smile, laugh, and enjoy life

What to do when your woman doesn’t respect you? Well, maybe the reason in that your woman can’t even smile and you forget the last time she sincerely laughed. All married couples are faced with problems and troubles. Of course, there are serious moments when it is necessary to show strictness, but if your girlfriend forgets to iron your favorite t-shirt, it is clearly not an excuse to yell at her. Don’t be a tyrant who yells at his woman at every opportunity. Instead, turn the situation into a joke, show that she is important to you, and only then everything else.


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